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Rest In Peace Rich Piana

August 25, 2017

Legendary bodybuilder Rich Piana, whose relentless dedication to the sport and support of the bodybuilding community, died August 25, 2017. He was 46 years old.

Known for his willingness to do whatever it takes, Rich Piana began his journey in bodybuilding at the young age of 11, competing in his first event at 15. Over the past 10 years, a community of over 1 million people have followed Rich on his social media and YouTube journey to becoming the best he could possibly be.

Honesty, openness, and total support for his community is only part of what catapulted his stardom. Signature mantras such as “If you Love It, KILL IT” and “Being a 5%ER is all about doing Whatever It Takes!” is the mentality that he not only followed himself but also wanted to instill in the 5% Nation. To his loving fans, he will always be remembered as someone they could trust, count on and look up to. He will be remembered as a friend.

Rich’s legacy will continue to inspire the bodybuilding community for years to come as someone who sacrificed whatever it took to achieve his goals and inspired others to do the same. Even in his passing, the 5% Lifestyle will live on and the seed he has planted in so many of us will continue to grow: to be that 5% that strives for and achieves every single goal that’s set.


Today when I was training, it hit me that Rich was gone. I knew him very well and travelled the world with him during his time with MUTANT. We ate and trained together, and spent many hours talking about life and our goals. He told me stories about his past, and his plans, and gave me a lot of advice along the way. He was one of those "seen it all, done it all" guys, who never ran short of some crazy story about something he'd seen growing up in LA and being around Bodybuilding his whole life. Even though he led a full-speed ahead lifestyle, he was very wise to how life can treat you and he believed that if you want anything in life, you have to get off your ass and go fucking get it. He had finished bodybuilding and was just enjoying training daily at North Hollywood Gold's when MUTANT signed him. Within months he was the most viewed bodybuilder on YouTube, and he was no dummy to want to take control of it with his own brand and all that. He took the second chance he got, and capitalized on it to the max, eventually building himself into the most recognized guy in the entire industry. He had a reckless side, but I think all high level athletes and successful business people have that in some form. I can only hope that Rich was proud of all the people he inspired and motivated along the way. He gave a lot of himself to his fans, and something that nobody can ever take away from him is his work ethic. I remember standing at the booth with him at the expos and he would go almost the entire day without taking a bathroom break because he just hated leaving his line of fans. He would stand there all fucking day if that's what it took to meet every single one of them. He understood what it was all about and I will never forget him. Rich was one of a kind. I'll miss you buddy. I'll miss seeing you at the shows and hearing you say "Hey Big Man let's get a picture!!" I remember him calling me when he heard I turned pro and congratulating me. I could hear his sincerity in his voice. I won't forget it. In a world where millions of fans wanted to know him, I'm thankful that I actually got to be his friend. #1dayumay #richpiana

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