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John Pinet

Hey, welcome to my Profile.
I am a 20 year old kid straight out of Brooklyn NY, born and raised. Fitness was my escape to help me stay out of trouble due to the neighborhood I lived in. For the time I was into working out, it became more then just staying out of trouble, it became a way of life. I have fallen in love with it that now it is my passion. I am a compeitive bodybuilder in the NPC, I've competed in 2 mens physique & 1 Classic Physique placing top 5 in all 3. I am currently nationally qualified, and looking to keep on moving up. I do both calisthenics and weight lifting, mixing it up and variety are key to keep on progressing. I started my fitness journey at the age of 18, and don't plan on ever ending this journey no time soon.

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