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How To Order Meal Plan With Paypal

This guide will show you how to order a 5% Nutrition Meal Plan using Paypal as your payment method.

- Activating Your Meal Plan: (2 Steps)

Step 1 You will receive an email on your processing day to set up a recurring payment through PayPal, Please select the link through your Email

Step 2 After filling out the information from the link you will receive a recurring confirmation Your trial period ends on your next processing day. This is so you do not get double charged within the same week.

- How To Cancel Or Change To A Different Quantity Meal Plan: (5 Steps)

Step 1 From your main PayPal page click on the recurring payment.

Step 2 From here you will click on the “Manage 5% Nutrition payments”.


Step 3 Click on the “Cancel” tab.

Step 4 From here select "Cancel Profile" to cancel your subcription.


Step 5 After you have selected "Cancel Profile", you will know your payment schedule has been cancelled when you see this message.


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