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Darren Ferguson

As a dedicated and loyal 5% Nutrtion Athlete I am always willing to do whatever it takes to reach my goals! I started bodybuilding over 12 years ago, starting out at 145lbs and not much confidence in myself at all. After coming back from working overseas at 21 and getting involved more and more in the sport. My confidence grew as I started seeing changes quickly and developing the pysique I had always wanted.

Over the years I developed a passion and love for the sport and took it upon myself to educate myself as much as I could in every area.
I am now sitting at 225lbs and looking to add even more size going in to 2016 and bring my best package to date and develop myself further as a personal trainer.

I currently help people with there training and diets whilest studying to further my own career in this industry. What I love the most in what I do is motivating people and helping others to achieve and develop. just seen how I can help someone increase there own confidence and change there pysique, there is nothing more rewarding for me.
2015 was an amazing year for myself after flying ovet to work on the 5% booth at Fibo and from that getting signed by Rich, someone who I have followed and admired for years.
Being part of this family is amazing and the support and drive I get daily from the rest of the athletes on the team pushes me every day.

We are all in this together! 5% 4life always.

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