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Daniel Valluzzi

As a 5% Nutrition Sales Executive and sponsored athlete, I live, breath and work the 5%er lifestyle. People ask me every day how to become affiliated or sponsored by 5% Nutrition, my response is always the same; work-ethic, attitude and sincerity. You must believe in the brand but more importantly, the 5%er lifestyle!

My main discipline is MMA. I competed at a semi-professional level and also taught Muay Thai, BJJ and Greco Roman Wrestling. I started Martial Arts at the age of 4 learning Tae Kwon Do. I then progressed to other Martial Arts at the age of 15. Now, I live and love the bodybuilding lifestyle. When I first walked into the gym I weighed an athletic 185lbs, now I weigh a relatively lean 235lbs and aim to keep growing beyond my potential in the years to come!! 5%ers for life!

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