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Dalton Connett

I've been an all around athlete my entire life! Got into weightlifting at age 13 for the upcoming high school football season! Since I started I became obsessed with the idea of being the strongest, fastest, and most conditioned athlete! I don't believe in only bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc! An athlete excels in all aspects and a weight lifting! I believe you should train your body for versatility! Be able to look like a bodybuilder, stronger than a powerlifter and could destroy any competitive conditioning competition. I own Flex AZ Gym in Goodyear Arizona and am trying to change the fitness game here to combine all aspects of training into one and show everyone that this is the best possible way of training to get the maximum results. We sell 5% nutrition and We are a 5% gym and not only live that lifestyle but promote members to get that same mindset! I have a pitbull named Diezel who is at the gym hanging out and greeting people all day who changes people's judgmental views of the breed. It is awesome to be able to make a change in people's lives the way this gym has been in the past year and a half! I will be competing in my first powerlifting competition in February. Current body weight is 210lbs 12% bf.
Bench 415bs
Deadlift 675lbs
Squat 535lbs
I have never trained for powerlifting. This is just the outcome of training with versatility. 5% has helped me to become a better athlete and gives me motivation to help all those around me. I am lucky to be on the fastest and most successful supplement company in the market. And it fits perfect. I have always had the same philosophy about supplements and actually growing up my dad would not even allow me to buy protein shakes. And people are always shocked when I tell them I don't use anything except PREWORKOUT, REAL FOOD, and BCAAS!

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